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02-001 08-02-20 Jag söker ättlingar till Ägare Per Pålsson född 1857 i Jordkull , bodde senare i Simmelsberga flyttade till Ekeby 1893-10-24.. är tacksam för hjälp..
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07-002 08-02-10 Dear Information Bureau of Ekeby,

We are not sure where we may obtain information regarding our PERSSON
ancestors who lived in Ekeby, Sweden, as follows:

Our Father, Bror Martin PERSSON was born in Ekeby, Sweden on April 26, 1904.
His parents were Ola PERSSON and Johanna Martensson PERSSON.  Both of his
parents are buried in the Ekeby Kyrka Cemetery.  Ola PERSSON died in either
1937 or 1939.  Johanna PERSSON died in February 1952.  There were many
PERSSON's buried in the Church Cemetery, but we were unable to find our
grandparents' gravesite.

We understand that our grandfather, Ola PERSSON, and our uncle, Anders
PERSSON, were members of the local marching band in Ekeby and we would like
to know more about the band.  We are hoping that the Historical Society, in
Ekeby, may have some information regarding this musical band.  We were
unable to find their address on the Internet.

Also, Ola PERSSON, we believe, worked in the mines close to Ekeby.  Can you
tell us more about the mines and what type of mining was done there (coal,
or copper, etc)?.  We understand that Ola PERSSON's death was associated
with lung disease due to his work in the mines.  We also understand the the
PERSSON children attended a school run by the mining company.  There were 9
children in our father's family.  We do remember that his youngest brother,
Niald PERSSON, lived in Ekeby until his death at age 60.

Unfortunately, our father, Bror Martin PERSSON, had to go to sea at either
age 15 or 16 years old, because of the financial necessity of his family.
We understand he left from Hoganas in either 1919 or 1920.  We know from
information received from his sister, Elsa, who died many years ago, that my
father did not want to leave his home and his family, but, such were the
times and he had to do what he was told.  He never returned to Sweden and
came to the USA in the late 1920's.

We traveled to Sweden in 1986, and were able to visit Ekeby, all too
briefly.  I am now 69 years old and would like to know much more about the
town, where our father was born, and what his life might have been like back
in the early 1900's.  We want our children and grandchildren to know more
about their Swedish heritage.

We live in a town here in Florida that is 15 minutes away from the Kennedy
Space Center and 45 minutes from Orlando.  Our father, when he was alive,
was able to see one of the Spacecraft lift-off, heading to the Moon.   He
commented that he had lived in the greatest century.  In Sweden, at the time
he lived there, his family either walked or rode a horse, and later when he
went to sea he started as a cabin boy on square-rigger ship -- during his
life-time people began to travel by car, also by plane, and now man was
traveling to the Moon!

Any information you can give us about Ekeby and it's surrounding areas will
be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Jean PERSSON Fuhrer                       email address:
1920 Malmsey Court
Titusville, Florida 32796  USA

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08-004 08-02-20

Söker foto ,ev kontakt med ättlingar till Anders Svensson och hustrun Cecilia Persson som köpte en tomt på Pilgatan 14 , i Ekeby år 1896.
Fastighetsbet: Skromberga 1:169
Salvo Zappala
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